5 Reasons Why Emotional Energy is the Most Important Factor in Success

When I was younger, I went through a period when I was extremely depressed.  It began after the breakup of a particularly significant relationship. I would lay in bed all weekend and even sleep in my clothes.  My personal and professional life suffered.  I had no energy to do anything but the most basic tasks of daily living.

Then one day while I was looking at the weeds growing in my backyard, I felt inspired to plant some flowers.  I went to the local nursery, bought some primroses, and planted them.  That one action was the beginning of my recovery from my period of doom and gloom.  It was my desire for a more beautiful living space that saved me from the dark space of depression.

It is a common notion in our educated society that intelligence, hard work, and talent are the foundations of success.  But there is an even more basic and fundamental requirement than any of those things:  emotional energy.

Here are five reasons why emotional energy is the most crucial factor in success:

1) Emotional energy drives us to action. If we want something badly enough we will automatically do whatever it takes to make it happen.  Any  inner conflict  is overcome by the force of desire for our preferred outcome. On the other hand, if our desire is not strong enough, nothing will happen.

2) Emotional energy gives you courage to overcome your inner blocks and doubts.  When your desire for your goal is greater than your doubts or fears you will be automatically driven to fulfill it.  Your desire overcomes your fear.

3) Emotional energy validates your alignment with your values and purpose.  The feeling of “rightness” that informs you that you are alignment with your purpose is viscerally emotional.  That feeling of “rightness” is success in itself, you know you are on your most fulfilling life path.  For many people wealth or other external markers of achievement are secondary at this point. Ironically, many times wealth and success follow when we follow our passion.

4) Emotional energy is the fuel that inspires us to create and transform ourselves and our world.  Emotions energize our will power. They drive us to persist in the face of obstacles.  Creative energy is emotional energy channeled into constructive action.

5) Emotional energy aligns you with your higher guidance and your higher good.  The inner knowing that guides us to the right people and opportunities at the right time is not intellectual. It is a feeling sense that is beyond logic.  We need to let go of our programmed logical mind and tune into our emotional mind to access it.

Most of us have been raised to believe achieving any goal starts with figuring out “how to do it”.  I disagree.  In my experience the easiest way to achieve any goal is to first bring yourself into emotional alignment with it. This is done by releasing any hidden inner conflicts about having that goal manifest in your life.  When you are fully emotionally aligned with your goal, you are then both driven and guided to create it.

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