Is Cultural Programming Blocking Your Success?

Back in 2007 at the height of the great economic depression, finances were tight. Many of my clients began to tell me that they simply could no longer afford our one on one sessions. This dismayed me because I knew they needed my help and support but their finances simply would not allow it. It was either pay their rent or pay me and continue their sessions.

I was determined to find a way to make my services affordable for my clients while being able to earn a decent living myself.

With this in mind, I developed an interactive online energy healing system based on the auric field. The system uses the psychology of color to help the user identify their limiting beliefs and then dissolve the limiting belief with tapping, an energy healing method.

Unfortunately this did not go as I planned. For a large number of people, my online system seemed like “too much work”. Facing one’s fears, doubts and limiting beliefs alone is not exactly a fun process. I realized people needed more emotional support to make facing their fears a more enjoyable process. A group program would make it affordable because I could serve many people at once with a smaller investment of my own time.

My one-to-one work with clients involves viewing their energy fields. Over the years of doing healing work I developed the ability to see colors in the auric field. The colors in a person’s auric field reveal their subconscious thoughts and feelings. Those thoughts and feelings are unique to the person being viewed. Or so I thought. How could I possibly work with a group of people if everyone is having their own unique life experiences? Wouldn’t I have to work with each person individually to help them identify their own individual unique limiting beliefs?

I decided to try an experiment. What if I viewed one person’s field in a group while they thought about something common to everyone in the group, for instance, money. Would the other people relate to the thoughts, and feelings that person was experiencing closely enough so the clearing work would be effective for everyone in the group? I decided to try it.

It worked much better than I had ever imagined. The other participants resonated strongly with the feelings, thoughts and limiting beliefs that the chosen subject would reveal to us in their field. Even between group members with vastly different backgrounds and life goals, there was a strong commonality of  limiting beliefs that required releasing to move them back into flow and clarity.

It is very healing for us to see that our own doubts and fears are not unique. It is sometimes easy to think that we are the only neurotic in the room. The truth is, we all have very similar doubts, fears, and vulnerabilities: “Am I good enough?” “Do I really deserve to be loved?” “Is it OK for me to speak up and share my opinion?” “Is it selfish to ask for what I really want?” “Do I dare stand out?” “What if I am ignored or rejected?” “Am I worthy of success?”

It can be difficult to see that other people have these same doubts and fears as well. Until we pull back the curtain. When we see deeper into our collective hearts and minds, we realize yes, we are more alike than different. We are all human.

There is literally a world-wide web of universal limiting beliefs that hold the vast majority of the population hostage, like a mass hypnosis. As Giurdieff once said, most people are living in a trance from which they have yet to awaken. In many ways it can seem easier and more comfortable to remain the sleep walkers of cultural programming than to risk awakening and being an “outsider.”

The vast majority of limiting beliefs we are programmed with have been passed on for generations and generations. They literally are in the DNA of our culture and in fact, our world. In fact, our cultural beliefs unite us far more than they separate us. But they also imprison us in alarmingly similar ways unless they are faced courageously, overcome, and healed.

Like Hercules in his hero’s journey slaying the Medusa, it takes tremendous courage to face and overcome repressive cultural programming we were taught to believe was necessary for our survival. We are hard wired as children to hold these myths as our primary guide, our rules for surviving and getting along in the world. As long as we remain hypnotized by these myths our attempts to be our authentic selves and achieve genuine fulfillment in our lives is not possible. This mass hypnosis blocks us from the free expression of our real self.

But like Jacob wrestling with the dark angel, once we call our fears by their true name, we overcome them and take back our power. This is the power of bringing the light into the darkness. We become free and empowered to be truly ourselves.

Did you ever feel held back by old programming? What did you do to break free?  I would love to hear about it.  Please share in the comments below.