5 Ways to Stop Doubt From Blocking Your Clarity

Years ago in college I took analytical chemistry as part of my college curriculum. Analytical was rumored to be one of the toughest courses with an unusually high failure rate. What was bizarre was that for me it did not seem all that difficult once I got the hang of it. I understood the equations, could solve the problems in my home work assignments, and felt fairly confident about my level of mastery.

When I shared this with my fellow classmates they said to me ” Are you kidding? You can do the homework? Analytical is a bitch!” This really started to make me question myself. How could I understand this subject even when my other class mates didn’t–especially some of the guys who seemed to me to be really smart? It made me feel a bit strange and weird.

I didn’t realize how weird I felt until my first analytical exam. As I sat there, staring at the exam paper, my mind instantly went blank. It was like the exam equations were written in hieroglyphics. My anxiety level went through the roof. My first thought was “How could I possibly know these answers when no one else seems to?” I literally could make no sense out of what my eyes were seeing.

For a solid 20 minutes I stared at the exam paper, desperately trying to make sense of how to solve the equations. Finally towards the end of the allotted time, I started to regain my composure and got my faculties back, scribbling answers furiously to make up for lost time. But it was too late–I had to pass in my exam paper with half of the equations unsolved. I had failed the exam.

When I received the exam back, I looked at the questions. I was shocked–I had known every single one of the answers. I had failed the exam because of my massive self-doubt.

Self-doubt can cripple us in taking the actions that would create the most fulfillment in our lives. But it can be de-fused. Here are five ways to stop doubt from blocking your clarity:

1) Be compassionate with yourself.

So much of doubt comes from anxiety about somehow not making the grade, not making the right choice, not being perfect enough. Just taking a moment to be compassionate with yourself can take the pressure off of having to be the perfect achiever.  That awareness alone can make a big difference in shifting from high emotional arousal into calm clarity.

2) Tune into what your doubt is trying to tell you.

Tuning into the fear behind the doubt can begin to dissolve it. Remember, whatever you resist, persists. Allow yourself feel the doubt fully as an emotion. What is it really trying to tell you? Are you afraid you of making the wrong choice, not performing well enough, being seen as incompetent? Just becoming aware of the fear behind the doubt can help you begin to release it.

3) Release the fear based energy block.

This technique takes a bit of practice but is quite useful in releasing energy blocks.

a. Tune into the doubt as a feeling in your body. Then tune into how the doubt feels in your body as sensation. Does it feel like fluttering, tension, heaviness, tightness, constriction?

b. Once you become aware of the sensation, ask yourself if you can let it go. Visualize opening a window or door in the location of the sensation and let the energy leave.

c.  Continue to do this until you feel lighter and your mind becomes calm. Notice what comes into your awareness.

4) Change the station.

Changing our activity can sometimes change our state of mind. Take a break. Go for a walk. Do some yoga. Water your houseplants. Doing something relaxing can sometimes shift your energy to a more centered and clear space.

5) Release subconscious limiting beliefs

Need an industrial strength solution? If doubt is a too familiar state for you, you probably have limiting beliefs blocking your clarity. My free video guide can help you release doubts and  limiting beliefs, so your clear and confident emotional energy effortlessly guides you to success. You can get it here: http://antakrana.com/free-programs/effortless-goal-fulfillment

I hope you have found this article helpful.  Do you ever struggle with doubt?  What  do you do to overcome it?  I would love to hear about it.  Please leave your comments below.