How to Instantly Inspire Yourself

Inspiration makes any task easy.  As any creative person can tell you, there is no better feeling than being fueled by the power of inspiration.  Like a surfer riding a huge wave,  inspiration can provide you with the energy to effortlessly create what you desire.

So how do you connect to inspiration whenever you need and want it?

The easiest and fastest way I have found to instantly inspire myself is by tapping away negative beliefs.   Tapping is a cutting edge personal transformation method based on the principles of acupuncture and hypnotherapy.  It is simple, easy to learn and can unblock you creatively on the spot.   The basic method consists of reciting a statement which specifies your issue as you tap on a series of acupuncture points. 

The key to effective tapping is identifying exactly what negative beliefs are blocking you.   This is not always easy, as the  negative beliefs are almost always subconscious.  However, there are some easy ways to tap and get results that do not require that much insight into your inner self.

Say you have a work deadline that you can’t bring yourself to complete. You find yourself wanting to do anything but work on your project–surf the internet, go for a walk, have a cup of coffee, etc.  You clearly have resistance to finishing your project.

You can use tapping to help clear your resistance.   Simply tap six  times  at each of these points: the beginning of your eyebrow, the side of your eye, under your eye, under your nose, and under your lower lip, while saying to yourself, “This resistance.”   Tap through this series of points sequentially while saying  “this resistance”  to yourself until you feel refreshed and re-motivated.   You may need to do it a few times.  As odd as it seems, it often helps.  Try this technique next time you feel stuck and see what happens.

Of course on a deeper level, there is a subconscious reason why you are resisting finishing your work.  That is where the real gold is found, and where the real power of tapping becomes invaluable.  When you use tapping to dissolve  those self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs, they no longer block you.

You become unstoppable.  You now have the freedom to take those actions that will help you achieve whatever you desire.